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Training Opportunities in Wales and the South West

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has released a list of education courses available to union representatives in Wales and the South West, which run from September to December (2005).

Organised by the TUC, trade union education courses deliver accredited union rep training via a network of higher and further education colleges across the UK. They offer both flexible and high quality learning in a range of different subject areas including: health and safety, employment law and using computers. With more than 65,000 enrolees choosing to take part each year, the scheme is a popular choice for trade union members looking to make the most of work based learning opportunities.

Improving Literacy and Numeracy Within the Workforce

Activists craving a new type of challenge may wish to consider registering for a place on a TUC education course entitled, Union Learning Representative (ULR). Inspiring achievement within the workforce, ULRs provide a vital role in promoting training and development, particularly among lower-skilled individuals and those with literacy and numeracy needs.

ULRs can work with employers to create a culture of progressive learning throughout the workplace, raising aptitude levels and bridging skills gaps; a practice which has been proven to benefit morale and in turn increase productivity. Their responsibility does not simply lie with the needs of existing employees, but also with the aspirations of a growing number of young people looking to enter vocational education. A well-designed, modern apprenticeship plays a key part in attracting young workers.

Phillip Byrne, Union Affairs Correspondent

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