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Training Provider’s Acquisition of Assa Training and Learning Boosts Portfolio

One of Britain’s leading training providers has announced that its interim profits have risen by approximately 11 % thanks to the expansion of the vocational training portfolio.

The training group, Carter & Carter, have the ambitious plan of being the leading figure in the British vocational training market. The group have focused on targeting small and medium ““ sized enterprises (SMEs) and major international and national corporations in support service provision and learning solutions. They have taken the pre ““ tax profit as evidence that their initiative to build on their market position is well under way.

Carter & Carter

Becoming the number one vocational learning provider in the market will undoubtedly require a great deal of effort, as the market is a distinctly competitive environment both economically and in terms of the provision on offer. Carter & Carter Group plc look to use this position (if and when it is achieved) as a benchmark for future success, using Government funding in the most efficient and cost ““ effective manner possible. This will serve not only to meet Government targets in meeting standards requirements but will also make the Group ever more profitable and therefore more competitive.

In meeting the Government targets on education and training participation and achievement, the Group works closely with the Learning and Skills Council and with the Department for Education and Skills (DfES). The parlous position of the UK in many education league tables when compared with our European and world partners makes the commitment of organisations and individuals across the marketplace to high standards of delivery ever more important.

A Rise in Profit?

The training company, who also pride themselves on their commitment to equal opportunities and their support for anti ““ discrimination practices, put much of their economic growth down to the acquisition of Assa Training and Learning. The purchase builds the remit and breadth of the vocational training unit at a purchase cost of £24.2 million.

This saw the pre ““ tax profits rise from £2.7 million to approximately £3 million after a growth in turnover from £23 million to £37.9 million. Carter & Carter group are not planning to rest on their laurels, however. The expressed aim of the Group is to “improve the skill of the workers through high-quality training”, and with the vocational training unit accounting for more than %60 of their sales, the Group plan to expand still further and help in the implementation of Government plans to enhance the Basic Skills levels in Britain.

Jethro Marsh

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