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Two month campaign to highlight FE success

A campaign is underway to highlight the value Further Education brings to businesses, communities and individuals in the UK.

FE WORKS will raise awareness of the sector through a series of eye-catching insertions in a variety of trade and national press over the next two months.

The campaign focuses on the benefits FE brings to the battle against recession, and how the sector is crucial in preparing UK’s businesses and workforce for the economic upturn.

Nearly three million people have already improved their literacy and numeracy skills thanks to the work of more than 260,000 professionals in FE. Apprenticeships are now available in 180 careers across 80 sectors, and the system provides almost 40 per cent of entrants to Higher Education.

Dr Alison Birkinshaw, chair of the FE Reputation Strategy Group, a sector-owned alliance of FE organisations delivering the campaign with Lifelong Learning UK, says it is important to say ‘thank you’ for the great achievements being brought about by the sector.

"Too often the FE sector doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and yet year on year FE works to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. At the very least, we thought that we should raise the profile of the vital work of the FE sector and remind government, employers, communities, students and those who work in the sector of the fantastic achievements taking place. And, perhaps most importantly, we should say thank you," says Dr Birkinshaw.


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