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Unionlearn and GoSkills call for employers to work with them to raise skills

Unions and employers must work together to ensure Britain meets the challenges of the twenty first century according to the Trade Unions Congress (TUC).

The TUC plans to deliver this message to Skills Minister David Lammy MP at a conference organised between an individual Sector Skills Council and the TUC’s learning and skills organisation unionlearn.

Mr Lammy will hear first hand how Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) and employers in passenger transport are working together to raise the skill levels of people working in the sector. He will also present certificates acknowledging the commitment companies have shown to skills development.

David Lammy said: “I am looking forward to this conference and celebrating the success of partnership working in passenger transport. I hope to see more of these types of event so we can demonstrate good practice and grow the numbers of employers committing to skills development. This Governments skills strategy will achieve social justice and economic success by meeting the needs of both employers and employees. The national network of Union Learning Representatives and employer-led Sector Skills Councils we have set up are working together so we can give people the skills they need for good jobs and ensure we have the productivity to remain competitive in the world.”

Taking place at TUC’s Congress House in London, “Working Together for Learners” aims to show how partnerships between unions and employers on skills development is the way to ensure workplaces are properly equipped for future challenges.

“Unionlearns work with GoSkills, the Sector Skills Council for Passenger Transport, is bringing together employers, Union Learning Reps, and trade unions, so that we can make a serious contribution to raising skills. By introducing the Skills Pledge, the Government has shown its commitment to workplace training and education and I call upon employers to take up the challenge. Sign the Skills Pledge, train your workforce and make the UK more competitive,” said Brendan Barber, TUC’s General Secretary.

Featuring a series of short speeches and workshops exploring skills issues, the TUC hopes that its learning conference will spread the word to a wider audience and it plans to use case studies to show what is working well.

GoSkills Chief Executive, Peter Huntington, said: “We prize the relationship we are developing with unionlearn. Its in our interests, as we can take the GoSkills message further. Its in the interests of learners and its certainly in the interests of our employers that all are pulling together in the same direction for a fully skilled, adaptable workforce.

Matthew Sharp

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