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World of the Internet to Help Support Language Skills Learning

The world is a shrinking place, much like a pair of green and blue jeans that have been left in the washing machine.

A large part of this shrinkage comes not from cold water or indeed from cold weather, but rather from that latest tool for communication and the exchange of ideas. Goodbye carrier pigeon and morse code; hello, the world wide web! And in a bid to make the best use of this new medium, another important means for removing barriers ““ language learning ““ is set to make full use of the opportunities this entails.


The new resource, which can be accessed now and has been live since the 9th of June, was launched at the National Centre for Languages” (CILT’s) annual Adult Education Languages Show, which took place at Beaumanor Hall, Loughborough. The resource is known as the Vocational Languages Resource Bank, and will offer free advice and ideas supporting the link between classroom language learning and the use of languages in a career setting. This is intended to target professionals in areas such as Tourism, Catering, Health and Social Care.

The resources on offer will focus on four areas of learning; reading, speaking, listening and writing. A number of formats, ranging from text to visual and video, will be used. Levels ranging from entry level courses to Level 3 provision are being offered. Languages currently represented include Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Urdu.

The Director of CILT, Isabella Moore, looked to the future offered by the site, saying: “We hope this site will grow to support the eventual inclusion of languages within the 14″“19 specialist diplomas and encourage more schools and colleges to offer vocational language courses.”

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