Assessment framework specification files for software suppliers developing management information systems (MIS).


Assessment component files: 2021

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This file is in an OpenDocument format

Assessment component files: 2021

MS Excel Spreadsheet, 113KB


These files are for suppliers developing software that will help local authorities, schools and academies to electronically submit 2020 assessment data using their MIS.

The files specify the framework against which teachers assess pupils’ attainment in the national curriculum. For each key stage or year group, they specify the:

  • subjects
  • subject components or attainment targets (for example, reading and writing are components of English)
  • nature of assessment
  • possible outcomes

The framework also includes special educational needs criteria.

The assessment component files include:

  • A comp – the main assessment component file which contains all valid parameters
  • A subj – containing the subject codes and descriptions
  • A type – giving access to the codes and descriptions of all assessment methods

Published 23 March 2021