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Elective home education and children missing education: submit your data

As a local authority, you need to provide us with termly aggregate data returns on your cohort of EHE children and CME on a voluntary basis.

Autumn data collection

Census date – Thursday 06 October 2022
Return date – Friday 04 November 2022

Spring data collection

Census date – Thursday 19 January 2023
Return date – Friday 17 February 2023

Summer data collection

Census date – Thursday 18 May 2023
Return date – Friday 16 June 2023

Return documents

Complete your return using the:

Send us your data

You’ll need to:

register and log in with DfE Sign-in

use COLLECT to submit your data

Please contact your local authority approver if:

you want to request a DfE Sign-in username or password so you can access COLLECT

EHE and CME is not on the list of collections you can see in COLLECT

If you do not know who your approver is, please use the DfE Sign-in request form.

If you’ve forgotten your password, use DfE Sign-in to reset it. You will need to click ‘Start now’ and then the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ link.

How your data will be used

Some data we’re collecting is subject to a privacy notice (PDF, 139 KB, 3 pages).

This data will:

be analysed to build a clearer picture of the EHE and CME cohorts on local and national levels
help us identify outlying local data and work with those local authorities to understand the reasons
help us understand the drivers of EHE and CME

Information received and any analysis we share will not include any data that could identify any child or their parent(s).

Get help

Please use the service request form if you have any questions about your data. We aim to answer your question within 5 working days.


Please use the feedback form if you have any comments about our data collection service, including COLLECT and the helpdesk service.

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