A summary of findings from our joint targeted area inspections (JTAIs) of how multi-agency partnerships identify and respond to children with mental ill health.


‘Feeling heard’: partner agencies working together to make a difference for children with mental ill health

PDF, 1.08MB, 43 pages


Joint targeted area inspections (JTAIs) took place between September 2019 and February 2020. We reviewed the practices of individual agencies, as well as the effectiveness of multi-agency working arrangements, including children’s social care, health services, youth offending services, schools and the police.

The findings in this report consider how agencies work collaboratively with partners to identify children experiencing mental ill health. The report also looks at how they intervened early to support these children and get them the help that they need when problems arise.

View guidance for inspectors on carrying out the JTAIs.

Published 9 December 2020