Research to measure the time that young people spend on activities in and outside of education which build their skills and employability.


Hours spent building skills and employability report

Ref: ISBN 978-1-83870-019-5, RR956PDF, 1.34MB, 123 pages


This research, conducted in 2017, examines the amount of time students spend on building their skills and employability in pre-16 and post-16 education.

It covers:

  • qualification hours
  • non qualification hours
  • homework and self-study
  • activities outside of education
  • a typical week

Qualification hours are defined as the time that students spend in teaching and learning that counts towards their qualifications.

Non-qualifications hours are organised by educational institutions and include time spent on activities that can be broadly categorised as employability, enrichment and pastoral.

Published 21 July 2020