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Initial teacher training (ITT): marketing and recruitment guide

This manual covers the benefits and ways you can promote your ITT programme.

Remember to record details of all enquiries you receive about your programme, including where people heard about you. Use this information to inform your future marketing activities.

Contact [email protected] if you need additional support or guidance.

Promoting your ITT programme throughout the year

A timeline and checklist of suggested marketing activities to promote your initial teacher training (ITT) programme.

Identify and support your target audience

Consider the different needs of your target audience when planning your marketing.

Planning your marketing

Consider the different ways to market your programme, including print and social media.

Creating marketing materials

Create hard copy and social media marketing materials using our Get into Teaching branded templates.

Planning and running promotional events

What you should consider when planning and running events for potential applicants.

Best practice resources and suggestions

Best practice webinars and case studies, and a call for suggestions.

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