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iSpring Suite Max: An Extremely Fast eLearning Course Authoring Tool for Teams

iSpring Solutions Inc., a world-renowned vendor of eLearning software and services, announced the release of iSpring Suite Max, a new all-in-one solution that enables eLearning content creators to build courses quickly, work on them online together with their team, and share with stakeholders for approval.

“iSpring Suite Max is designed for extremely fast course authoring and collaborative projects. As always, it will allow you to build advanced eLearning courses on your desktop, but now you can also create simple courses right in your browser and cowork with your team on all the contents you author right in the cloud. You can dispense once and for all with creating multiple course versions and emailing them back and forth. With iSpring Suite Max, you can minimize hassle and focus more on creativity,” says Slava Uskov, VP of Product Development at iSpring.

Super fast content creation right in a browser

iSpring Suite Max features a brand-new tool for fast course authoring online, right in a browser. An active Internet connection is all that’s required to build a course, as you don’t have to install anything on your computer and only need to sign in to your iSpring account. The new tool is super intuitive, so creating courses can literally take only minutes.

For more complex training modules that include interactions, branching, role-plays, and more, authors can use the desktop version of iSpring Suite.

Teamwork and collaboration

When you create a course online with iSpring Suite Max, you can easily share it with the other authors in your team so they can work on it together with you to finalize the project much faster. Emailing course versions to each other, which has often been a part of the course development process, is now a thing of the past, as all courses can be stored and organized in iSpring’s central team space. It offers cloud storage for team members, with a capacity proportional to the number of authors in the account.

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