A number of our apprentices have been successful in Awards that took place to coincide with National Apprenticeship Week.

Steffan Lomas and Charlotte Chan

Two Sellafield Ltd apprentices were successful at the Gen2 Awards and a further two were shortlisted this week.

Steffan Lomas was the winner of the Learner of the Year Award at Energus. This award is given to the most outstanding apprentice at each centre. This is someone who has shown outstanding commitment and ability, has the best positive attitude and behaviours and is an advocate for learning and an example to others.

Steffan is in the second year of his Electrical and Instrumentation apprenticeship. He said:

It was a huge surprise to be entered for and to win this award. I didn’t know I’d been nominated until someone rang me to tell me. There are lots of amazing apprentices at Gen2, so it was a real honour to win.

I’ve not yet visited Sellafield, but I am looking forward to getting there in June or July this year.

Charlotte Chan was the winner of the Learner Extra Mile Award. This award is designed to highlight the Gen2 learner who has gone the ‘extra mile’ during the last 12 months.

Charlotte said:

I wasn’t expecting to win, so that was great news. I am really positive about my work and my apprenticeship, so I think that must have been something that the judges liked, as well as the charity fundraising, I’ve undertaken this year.

I am only in the first year of my craft apprenticeship, but despite the strange times, am really enjoying it. We’re been given lots of interesting work and research to keep us busy.

These awards were presented by Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland.

Rhianne O’Neill and Kate Martin were both shortlisted for the Learner Journey Award. This award is designed to highlight the Gen2 learner who has had the greatest ‘learner journey’.

All of the Gen2 applications were submitted by the trainers and lecturers for their learners.

At the same time, two Sellafield Ltd apprentice firefighters were showcased at the SFJ Awards.

Both Macy Baker and Nathan McCarry were promoted as firefighter champions by the organisation.

Macy said:

The best part of my apprenticeship has been seeing how much my colleagues and I have progressed from knowing very little basic skills to now being able to complete complex tasks and drills successfully and seeing how much we have learned.

I hope to continue progressing in my role by applying for extracurricular exams and courses to gain even more skills and become more confident in certain aspects of the job I haven’t had as much time to focus on.

I would advise anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship to just go for it, even though it may seem difficult, if you put the time and hard work in you will succeed!

Nathan said:

I found the apprenticeship really good, particularly meeting new people, gaining different skills, qualifications, and learning about different aspects of firefighting.

I’d like to continue to get qualifications on more advanced roles in the job such as rope rescue and also get my HGV licence to allow me to drive the appliances.

You can read their full stories on the SFJ Awards website.

Donna Connor, Sellafield Ltd head of education, said:

I am delighted for all of our award-winning apprentices. I know they are all very worthy of their success. They are doing an amazing job, progressing their learning and skills development in incredibly difficult times. >

They really are the testament to the company. It’s great to know with have this calibre of apprentice coming through the system, ready to help deliver our mission.

Published 17 February 2021