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Planning and running promotional events

Adding your events to the site significantly increases the chances of aspiring teachers seeing them.

Look at the school and university events page to see what your event will look like.

Submit your events to us a few months in advance. This will make sure that as many people as possible see them. We aim to publish all events within 10 days of receiving them.

Submit your event

Complete this form to submit your event.

The form is split into 4 sections:

event details
registration process
venue details
organiser contact

Event thumbnail

The school and university events page shows a thumbnail for each event. This includes the event title, date and time of event and whether it is online or not.

Section 1: event details

Event title

This will be shown on the event thumbnail and main event page.

Include your:

provider or organisation name
event type
location, think about who you want to attend and whether it would be better to reference information such as the location of the venue, nearest city, wider county, or region

Department for Education East Midlands School Direct open day

You should:

use your full organisation name to be clear who you are and avoid being overlooked
only use nationally recognised acronyms: such as SCITT and PGCE

include the location the event is intended (for example, if you are East Midlands based, include that, or the city if needing to be more specific)

Target audience

Be clear about who you would like to attend.

This could be:

recent graduates
career changes
candidates in a specific area

Be specific to make sure you attract the right candidates.

Summary of your event

This section does not currently appear on the website, but we are planning to include it in the future. Please fill in relevant information for future use.

Your summary has a 100-character limit and should not repeat what’s in your title.

To make your event stand out you should include:

the main points of interest
what sets your event apart from others

A fantastic opportunity to find out about life as a teacher in an outstanding school. You will have a tour of the school and the opportunity to meet and speak to current and previous course members.

This section has a 1,500-character limit.

Use it to:

welcome your potential attendees
introduce your organisation, course and vision
outline details of your event, this could include a schedule or what topics you will cover
highlight if refreshments will be available

If applicable, highlight your prestigious course or award winning school. Include statistics and figures on course completion and employment success rates.

Make it clear why your course should be considered.

To make it straightforward and easy to read:

break information up into paragraphs or sections
use bullet points, for example to detail a schedule or list of topics

This will be shown on the event thumbnail and main event page.

Consider adding 15 minutes at the start of the event. This will make sure that attendees arrive before the event begins.

The end date must be the same as the start date. Submit each day separately if your event runs over multiple days.

Event website

This should be the website for the actual event. It could be an information or registration page.

If you do not have a specific website for your event, use your provider home page.

Section 2: registration process

You can choose whether you would like registrations:

by email
via a website that helps you to manage attendee registration

Your selection here will determine the final line of the main text body where we add the link and email address for the attendee to follow and register.

If attendees do not need to register you should include this in Section 4: organiser contact details.

Section 3: venue details

If your event is being run virtually, please input ‘Online’ as the venue name. Do still include the full address as this is used to being up events when candidates search for events through their postcode.

Venue name

This will only appear on the main event page.

Use the name of the place where the event is being held. You can add specifics as a line in the address. For example, Education Building Room 1.


Provide the full address of your venue, including:

a first and second line
the region
the postcode

Include details of the building or specific floor or room. Use a line of the address to do this.

Venue name: Department for Education

Address: Education Building, Room 1, Education Street, London, ED1 1FE

Town or city

Think about who you want to attend and whether it would be better to reference the:

location of the venue
nearest city
wider county

Contact email

Use an email address you are happy to have potential queries sent to.

Venue website

Use the website for the venue where the event is being hosted. If there is not one, use your provider homepage.

Section 4: organiser contact details

‘School or university name’ is the only information from this section that will appear on the main event page. The rest is for Department for Education (DfE) use only, should they need to contact you regarding the event.

You should use your name, the organisation that has submitted the event.

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