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Digital Poverty Alliance partner with Sincere Education and Cultural Development to provide laptops to Ukrainian refugees

Laptop and stationary

Digital Poverty Alliance has partnered with Sincere Education and Cultural Development to provide laptops and data to the children of Ukrainian refugee families in the UK

Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA),a charitable initiative representing a broad coalition of third, public and private sector partners working to end digital poverty, today announced their partnership with Sincere Education and Cultural Development (SECD), to help provide access to technology for Ukrainian refugee families.

Through the partnership, the DPA have provided 100 laptops and, thanks to Vodafone’s charities.connected scheme,  pre-paid SIM cards to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London. The Centre hosts the only Ukrainian school in the UK, St Mary’s Ukrainian School, and is the only one that provides teaching in the Ukrainian language.

The scheme seeks to support those families who are fleeing the war by allowing them access to online services, including education. While the DPA’s focus is on advocating for action to end digital poverty in the UK, they also take forward a number of projects to ensure that the communities who need help the most receive it now.

The recently published Digital Poverty Evidence Review found that digital exclusion exacerbates existing inequalities and hampers education.

Elizabeth Anderson, COO of the Digital Poverty Alliance, commented:

“We know that accessing the online world is increasingly important, whether it’s enabling you to access education, training or other fundamental public services. For these families however, it’s also a vital means of contacting friends and family that they may be separated from as well as getting vital information about the home country they’ve been forced to leave behind.”

“We’re really proud to be able to support SECD in some small way and would like to once again send the families our warmest wishes.”

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