A collection of resources, links and documents aimed at helping with the management of exam and assessment stress and anxiety.

We know that taking assessments can be stressful for some students, and like others, we want to play our part in helping young people through the exam period.

We have published on this page a range of materials – guides, blogs and other documents – for students, or teachers, parents and carers supporting them, to help manage test anxiety. These include:

A guide for students on coping with test anxiety, developed with specialists from Liverpool John Moores University

A series of blogs written by a group of researchers and practitioners who work together through the University of Manchester’s Institute of Education:

A collection of links to guides and advice published by other organisations and specialists.

A review of published literature on the topic of test anxiety which may be of interest to academics and practitioners working in the field.

We’ll continue to publish more work on our blog platform in the run-up to exams in 2020 and beyond.


  1. Coping with exam pressure – a guide for students
    • Guidance
  2. Resources for managing assessment-related anxiety
    • Guidance
  3. A review of the literature on anxiety for educational assessments
    • Research and analysis

Published 14 February 2020