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Stoke on Trent College praised for its services for learners with prestigious International Safeguarding Award

Stoke on Trent College praised for its services for learners with prestigious International Safeguarding Award

As a result of its wide reaching and strong support for the students’ wellbeing and ensuring that they are aware of the risks that they may encounter in their local vicinity and later in life, the College has been awarded the Platinum Excellence in Safeguarding Award.  This is the highest standard and recognises innovative practice which goes above and beyond that which is found normally.

As part of the award process, there is a high focus on the application and impact of policies on the ground. The award recognises innovative and creative practice that really makes a difference, particularly to vulnerable learners who are in care, care experienced or have special educational needs, and puts children and young people at the heart of the award by ensuring that they are educated well, with particular focus on their critical thinking skills, so they know about risks and how to manage them effectively.

Following a rigorous assessment, inspectors praised the College for its clear approach and protocols to safeguarding, effective working relationships between all members of the college and positive feedback from learners.

Stoke on Trent College CEO & Principal Lisa Capper MBE is understandably delighted, she said:

“I could not be more proud of our college and the outstanding work and contributions of our staff colleagues, partners and Governors to ensure that all of our learners feel exceptionally safe and secure during their time with us.”

Commenting on the award, Dave Hopley, Executive Director of Student Experience said:

“We have enjoyed working with Incyte International to achieve this prestigious award. We are proud to have achieved the highest award which demonstrates our innovative practice and the positive difference we make to the experience of our learners during their time with us.”

Councillor Dave Evans, cabinet member for children and young people at Stoke-on-Trent City Council visited the college on Thursday 20th October to present the award. He said:

“It is fantastic to see Stoke-on-Trent College achieve this award. As a council protecting our vulnerable young people in Stoke-on-Trent is our number one priority so we are extremely pleased that the biggest college in the city is taking this seriously.”

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