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TEDI-London confirmed as The Engineering Design Institute London


TEDI-London is pleased to announce that it has been granted permission to use its full name: The Engineering & Design Institute London. Welcoming its first cohort of students onto campus this year, the degree awarding higher education provider was founded by Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney to transform the way in which engineering is taught.

The word ‘institute’ is protected by Companies House and its use requires approval from the Secretary of State. It can be defined as ‘an organisation having a particular purpose, especially one that is involved with science, education, or a specific profession’.

The news comes as the latest achievement of this year, with TEDI-London already having successfully joined the register of English higher education providers (the Register) and been granted degree-awarding powers by the Office for Students. The milestone further demonstrates TEDI-London’s ability to meet robust regulation standards within higher education and affirms its position as a quality provider of engineering education.

“It is a privilege to be able to use ‘institute’ within our name and we are very pleased that our hard work has paid off,” comments Carmai Pestell, Registrar at TEDI-London. “During the process we underwent a series of steps to successfully meet the requirements set out by Companies House, including evidencing that our degree programme is of a high standard and that our application was supported by the Engineering Professors’ Council. We understand the prestige that comes with the title and look forward to continuing to prove ourselves as a high-quality provider of engineering education.”

To mark this latest milestone, TEDI-London will use a refreshed brand logo which features its full name, The Engineering & Design Institute London. As such, the brand will be instantly recognisable as a degree awarding engineering education provider, enabling potential prospective students to obtain a better initial understanding of its purpose.

Adds Professor Judy Raper, Dean & CEO at TEDI-London; “We are delighted to have successfully reached such an important milestone as we strive to support our transformative engineering programme with the highest possible levels of governance and quality assurance. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the journey as TEDI-London has gone from strength to strength, thanks to the dedication of our staff and the support of our founding and industry partners. We are committed to ensuring that our students receive an excellent education and are well-equipped to thrive as they embark on their engineering careers; to have this better reflected in our new name is a significant achievement.” 

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