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Test your knowledge to see how you rank with these tricky school Qs

Online maths programme, Smartick, has created a quiz to test how much we can remember from school.

Why not see if you can dust off your skills by taking part in the challenge to see if you are smarter thana school child. The test is made up of 10 questions, each varying in difficulty to challenge you in logic, calculation, algebra and geometry.

The link to the quiz can be found here:

Javier Arroyo, Co-founder of Smartick, said: “For many people, answering the questions may be difficult, no matter what age you are. Rest assured, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Like anything, maths requires practice and for those of us who don’t regularly use it in our daily lives or jobs, it’s easy to lose the skill. That’s why our platform promotes short, but regular sessions of 15 minutes every day for children. That way, learning never becomes a chore, and children can hone their skills while having fun. 

“Through Smartick we want to help children develop a better relationship with maths. The great thing about the platform is that it can identify weaker areas to help children develop and set them on the path to conquering the subject.” 

The Smartick method is so special as no two people will have the same learning sessions. That’s because it uses a complex AI system to create a unique learning programme for each individual based on their academic level in real time.  What makes it even more appealing to children is that they are rewarded with ticks and stars which they can then spend in a virtual world which is unlocked to them following their 15-minute session. 

Smartick is available to download onto computers and tablets. For more information visit  

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