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The Centre for Financial Capability response to new MaPs guidance

The Centre for Financial Capability response to the Money and Pension’s Service (MaPs) publishing their new financial education guidance for primary and secondary schools in England. 

The Centre for Financial Capability (TCFC) is a new charity formed by the 20 backers of KickStart Money, an award-winning coalition of savings and investment firms who have donated over £1 million to fund the KickStart Money financial education programme, delivered by MyBnk, to over 20,000 primary pupils across the UK. The Centre’s aim is to ensure all UK children have access to high-quality and effective financial education.

A representative of The Centre for Financial Capability said:

“The Centre welcomes this new guidance published by MaPs today with the support of Government, as it is crucial that financial education is taught at an early age, when money habits are first formed. While we’re grateful for this positive step forward, however, there is still much progress to be made to ensure all primary aged pupils in the UK have access to high quality and effective financial education.

Research shows that early intervention financial education is essential to ensuring children achieve strong financial resilience in adulthood, so we’re hopeful that this, along with the new Government programme called ‘Multiply’ that was announced in the 2021 Autumn Budget, are steps towards a brighter future for our children.”

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