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UK supports gender-violence prevention projects in Guatemala

These projects address gender issues and focus their efforts on the prevention of violence against women.

In Sololá, together with the MAIA Association, the British Embassy supports the education of around 230 indigenous youth who seek to create transformational changes in their communities, empowering them in different issues that will help them reduce gender gaps. During the visit, the young women shared their knowledge on journalism, critical thinking, and discussed the main obstacles girls face in their communities.

On the other hand, the British Embassy together with Health Poverty Action, are training 122 public sector nurses in Totonicapán, in the detection and care of women victims of gender violence. Nurses will be able to offer appropriate resources to victims, to follow up on their complaints. During the visit to the project, it was possible to verify the impacts of the project in health centres in Momostenango.

The many forms of gender-based violence also affect trans women. The British Embassy together with Visibles ONG are working on a project that seeks to increase the capacities of trans people to face possible violations of their rights due to their gender identity. During the visit, a group of trans indigenous women we able to share their views on gender identity and recognition of their rights based on the workshops they have attended.

Around the world, gender-based violence threatens the lives and well-being of girls and women, preventing them from having access to opportunities that are fundamental for their freedom and development. This British Embassy will continue to advocate for women and girls to be front and centre in the policy-making process.

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