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Agile working in education and business: Epson introduces new interactive displays

Epson introduces its first 5,000 lumen interactive collaboration displays with the new EB-1480FI and EB-1485FI. These innovative new models can scale their display size based on the usage environment to help promote agile working, while increasing productivity and communication.


The leading EB-1485Fi delivers impactful sessions with a multi-touch display of up to 100” (16:9 standalone), up to 120” (wide display – 16:6) or 155” using Epson’s DuoLink feature where two Epson interactive displays can be combined as one display using edge blending to offer one large agile working space – perfect for any user looking to transform their digital experience with Epson. It comes with an array of powerful built-in connectivity options, both wireless and wired, including HDBaseT and HDMI out, along with edge blending and a slim design finger-touch unit, ideal for any modern working environment. The display also comes with a PC slot to allow user to enjoy strong connectivity, focusing on customisable solutions for each working environment.


Simone Martorina, business manager for visual instruments, Epson UK, says, “At Epson we’re focused on the user experience and delivering the right solution based on a user’s needs. With our latest interactive displays, users can totally transform workplaces with these large, scalable displays that enrich collaboration and engagement, and promote greater knowledge sharing with colleagues, clients or delegates using the latest and versatile connectivity options. Our displays are anti-reflective and anti-glare ensuring content legibility is guaranteed even on a scalable display size of 100”.


“Having meeting spaces equipped with the right technology and solutions helps promote stronger team ethics, increase productivity, enhance creative thinking, and promote logic and reasoning. Furthermore, it helps to drive employee motivation in or out the office and increases users’ technology skills focused around digital transformation in the workplace.”


The other model in the range, the EB-1480Fi, is the ideal solution for education users that have Epson lamp displays and want to upgrade to a Full HD laser display, as they can be used with legacy mounts, and finger-touch units already in place. This means users can upgrade their current Epson display at a fraction of the cost and take advantage of a new and more advanced laser display solution, benefiting from the latest interactive features with a seamless installation.


Both models feature an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, with a touch-enabled home screen and secure user collaboration tools. Compatibility with Windows, Office 365 suite and iOS allows the use of Office applications via PCs and tablets. In addition, up to four video sources can be displayed simultaneously on one display, such as video conferencing and presentations for meetings. The Epson iProjection App is available to download for free, providing seamless wireless connectivity and control from multiple devices and platforms.


Once installed, both displays can be used for up to 20,000 hours in normal mode, and up to 30,000 hours in quiet mode, with the additional peace of mind of a five-year warranty. This helps to reduce running maintenance costs, and means users can ‘fit and forget’, focussing on their presentation or lesson instead.

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