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AVer Europe launches new AI distance learning camera to support hybrid learning

AVer Europe launches new AI distance learning camera to support hybrid learning

AVer Europe (@AVerVC), leading provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, has announced the launch of the AVer DL30, an artificial intelligence auto-tracking camera designed to enhance the distance learning experience from the classroom.

Driven by Presenter Tracking and Zone Tracking, the DL30 requires no camera operator, and can automatically detect a teacher’s movement in the classroom or manually track any other presenter with a simple click. Classes delivered to those that physically attend can be livestreamed to anyone joining remotely, and video recording and image capture capabilities enable all students and staff to revisit the material at a later stage.

AVer Europe’s DL30 features a 12X optical zoom enabling a clear image regardless of the presenter’s distance from the camera. The camera’s AI technology focuses on the body rather than the face, so it can recognise and follow the presenter even when PPE is worn.

The DL30 is completely handsfree and is not reliant on voice-tracking or sensors, so the presenter is always kept in camera view. When the camera is out of use a Privacy Mode kicks in, which rotates the camera head downwards ensuring privacy between classes.

This distance learning solution from AVer Europe comes with free software for recording, image capture and streaming, and enables the management of hundreds of cameras from a single location. Compatible with major video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, the DL30 can integrate with existing institutions’ distance learning solutions as well as classroom technology such as a document camera.

“The AVer DL30 is a pioneering solution designed specifically to ease the challenges faced in the classroom by hybrid and distance learning,” said Rene Buhay, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at AVer Europe. “AI-powered human detection allows teachers to focus on delivering the curriculum without the constraint of having to stay within a camera’s view. Its compatibility with existing software used by education institutions mean that the DL30 can be fully integrated at ease.”

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