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Students awarded £1000 each from Dick Camplin Educational Trust

Students awarded £1000 each from Dick Camplin Educational Trust

Four Salford City College students were awarded £1000 each by The Dick Camplin Educational Trust (DCET) at the 7th annual awards held at the Pendleton Sixth Form Centre.

The Dick Camplin Trust has been working with Salford City College for a number of years generously providing scholarships to academically talented students wishing to progress to university but in need of financial support. However, money is a small part of what the scholars receive and the trust goes beyond this as they continue to work with the students when they are at university, whether that be providing support, mentoring or finding work placement opportunities.

David Camplin, son of Dick Camplin, came to present the awards to the four students whose applications had impressed the most and told them, “There should be no barriers for somebody who wants to have an education and expectations should not be limited by postcode but by your own imaginations.”

David presented awards to Rebecca Gittens, Faye Jones, Chanéé Ritchie and Fatima Issa and reinforced that the prize is not a present or a bursary but a scholarship awarded on the basis of achievements.

The guest speaker was former Salford City College student and scholar of the Dick Camplin Award Charlotte Harrison. Charlotte recently gained a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics and Theology BSc (Hons) from the University of Exeter. Charlotte shared her own personal experience of how the support she received from College and the DCET has been instrumental to her success.

Charlotte said, “I don’t know where I would be without the Dick Camplin Trust. My growth at university has been incredible and this is thanks to David and the Dick Camplin Trust who encouraged me to go ahead and do the things I’ve always wanted to do but never quite been confident enough to do.” Charlotte explained to the new scholars that they will now be a part of a network and community with other scholars who have now gone onto masters, PhD’s and other great things, who are more than happy to share advice.

There was a surprise award for Charlotte, who David described as, “One of the most inspirational young women he had ever met,” as she was awarded the DCET Outstanding Scholarship Award and received £500.

After seeing this year’s scholars being celebrated on social media, Abbie Baxter, former student got in touch to say, “I got the Dick Camplin Award last year at Salford City College– I have never been so grateful – the Dick Camplin Award helped me so much!”

David’s last encouraging words were, “Today is a commencement of the preparation of events that are ahead of you. I hope you all realise quite how special you are and how big the world can become. Help will always be given to those who ask for it.”


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