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Barton Peveril Sixth Form College’s Pole2Pole Challengers

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College students competed in the BlottMatthews Pole2Pole Challenge final, on Saturday 23rd March.

The two Barton Peveril teams both received special merit prizes and each received £100 in prize money.

The BlottMatthews Pole2Pole Challenge is an engineering competition, where students have to find a way to transport a one tonne load from the North to South Pole without the use of flight, external assistance or refuelling.

The final is the result of six months’ hard work from the 10 teams who entered the competition initially. During the final, students had to present their ideas and research to a judging panel of engineers. The teams were then interviewed by the panel, who expected a high level of in depth knowledge from the students about their projects.

Barton Peveril Teacher of Computer Science, Isabel Culmer, praised the students:

“The BlottMathews Challenges are always great for stretching the students’ skills and imagination in engineering. This year’s Pole2Pole challenge was particularly hard as there were so many ways of tackling it. The students did really well to get a special merit award in a very strong field. They learned many skills, particularly how hard it is to make decisions in teams when there are so many options!”

Former The King’s School, Winchester, pupil Franio van Wyk said:

“This challenge not only opened up my eyes to the world of engineering and how multi-disciplinary the job is, but has also bettered my skills regarding my ability to work with others – aiding me when it comes to working in the future, where I would undoubtedly need to be working with others on large-scale projects.”

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