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Business and Digital were most popular apprenticeships of 2021

Entry-level recruitment experts TheTalentPeople have revealed the most popular apprenticeships of the year.

Analysis of roles on its site shows appetite for traditional careers in business and finance prevail. Digital and tech roles also proved attractive to candidates despite young people’s overall interest in a career in this area having declined since 2019.

GetMyFirstJob provides opportunities with employers across all industries and sectors and saw 158,790 applications for 40,425 opportunities advertised on the site in 2021. Despite the well documented skills shortages during the year, the top 10 most popular individual vacancies were:

  1. Business Apprenticeship (Advanced Level 3) – 436 applications
  2. Data Apprenticeship (Higher Level 4) – 412 applications
  3. Finance Apprenticeship (Higher Level 4) – 404 applications
  4. Cyber Security Degree Apprenticeship – 380 applications
  5. Business & Administration Apprenticeship (Advanced Level 3) – 375 applications
  6. Brands Buying Apprenticeship (Higher Level 4) – 374 applications
  7. Digital Marketing Apprenticeship (Advanced Level 3) – 298 applications
  8. Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship – 292 applications
  9. Business Systems Apprenticeship (Advanced Level 3) – 283 applications
  10. Actuarial Apprenticeship (Higher Level 4) – 281 applications

Employers represented in the top 10 include Amazon, Aon, Google, Microsoft, Morrisons, the NHS and the UK government.

David Allison, CEO of TheTalentPeople and GetMyFirstJob, commented: “What’s glaringly obvious is that old stereotypes of apprenticeships are disappearing. The most popular applications show the understanding young people have for the types of careers that will underpin our future economy. I’m particularly proud of the work we’ve done with many of our partners to ensure that inclusion and social mobility is at the heart of the hiring agenda and helping to boost applications.”

Top sectors

Further analysis of apprenticeship roles on GetMyFirstJob reveals the top five most popular sectors for young jobseekers in 2021. 

26 of the top 100 most applied for apprenticeships were in accountancy. 22 were across IT, software, digital and digital marketing roles. 15 were in electrical installation, nine across business and administration, and eight in legal. Financial services and engineering also proved popular.

Despite IT and digital featuring prominently in the top 100, young people’s interest in digital and tech roles has declined in the past two years. IT and Creative & Digital Media, previously 3rd and 9th in the top 10 industries by candidate interest on GetMyFirstJob are no longer in the top 10. The trades and people-centric industries such as childcare have improved their position through the pandemic.

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