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Collaborating for Success in Challenging Times: New Government Data Reveals Opportunities and Hurdles for the Apprenticeship Sector

Community Ambassador appointed by Birmingham City University: Safaraz Ali, Founder and CEO of Pathway Group

New government data released for the 2022/23 academic year shows a decline in apprenticeship starts, down by 4.1% to 195,600 compared to 203,990 reported for the same period in the previous year. The figures also show that under 19s accounted for just 28.4% of starts, while advanced apprenticeships accounted for 43.3% of starts and higher apprenticeships accounted for a third of starts.

Safaraz Ali, CEO of Skills and Employability Provider stated that the FE sector needs to get together and collaborate to ensure continued success: Safaraz, adds to say that the role of Peer Support is greater than ever before to ensure all providers who operate in this important space remain resilient and the Apprenticeship Sector is fit for purpose.

While the overall decline in apprenticeship starts may be cause for concern, there was some positivity with continued growth in higher apprenticeships. It’s also encouraging to see learner participation on the rise. Employers and educators alike should consider these figures when planning their apprenticeship programmes and exploring opportunities to support learners in their chosen career paths.

Safaraz Ali, further commented on the latest government data on apprenticeships, stating that the numbers paint a very depressing picture of the current situation regarding the number of apprenticeships. He also expressed concern for the high risk faced by apprenticeship training providers, citing the recent example of Qube Learning’s failure as an illustration of the difficulty of managing a business within the apprenticeship sector.

Safaraz stressed the importance of apprenticeships as an essential part of a national workforce plan and urged providers to work together and provide peer support on a regular basis, not just in times of bad news. He also highlighted the need for serious conversations within the sector and proper lobbying to ensure that the challenges and hurdles are correctly understood, leading to a better landscape for the nation.

Safaraz Ali , Founder of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards

These are important points raised by Safaraz, Founder of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards and Alliance and should be taken seriously by all stakeholders involved in the apprenticeship sector. The challenges and risks need to be acknowledged, and proactive steps should be taken to address them in a collaborative and supportive manner.

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