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Combatting mental health challenges


 A military training organisation is using its expertise to help combat mental health challenges caused by COVID

MPCT runs 35 Military Preparation Colleges across England and Wales, which provide free courses to help school leavers gain the practical and academic skills they need for civilian or military careers.

The courses are all led by ex-British Armed Forces personnel who use a combination of military and progressive training techniques to help 16-19-year-olds reach their potential.

And now MPCT is sharing its expertise with anyone who is either experiencing mental health problems of their own or is supporting others.

Its Mental Health at Work Plan was originally designed to help its staff promote mental well-being within the organisation and specifically among its learners, many of whom have struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

But, as concerns grow of the impact the on-going COVID crisis is having on the general public’s mental health, it is now making the booklet available to the wider public.

The booklet – available in a digital format – gives a variety of practical, self-care tips, such as the importance of connecting with other people wherever and through whichever way possible.

It also contains tools to help users identify mental health issues, an easy-to-use calendar in which to log aims and accomplishments and a guide to a whole range of organisations specialising in mental health support.

MPCT is also supporting Time to Talk day on Thursday (4 February) – organised by social movement Time to Change, highlighting the mental and emotional benefits of talking, with family members, friends and colleagues,

Donna Briggs, Director of HR, said:

“One of the greatest challenges of this pandemic has been taking care of our mental health under enormous pressures and unusual circumstances.

“Whether someone is going through mental health challenges of their own, have family or friends in need of assistance, or simply want to gain a better understanding, the advice within this booklet can put them in a better place to support themselves or their loved ones. 

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