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ESCP Europe and Sports Management: New Summer Course

The Summer course designed for young people interested in becoming managers in the sports world starts on June 29th in Turin.

In Turin, on the 5th of June 2018 – ESCP Europe and AWE Sport launched the Sport Management Summer Course in which they intend to educate university students and new graduates to the world of sports. They are offering the tools to manage the organisational and managerial dynamics that gravitate around it, thereby giving professional access to a rapidly growing sector.

Turin, once again, is a meeting point for international excellence, welcoming an important initiative in the academic field. ESCP Europe, one of the most renowned business schools in the world, and AWE Sport, international sport marketing agency recently selected among the best 50 “sport innovation companies worldwide”, both have their Italian headquarters in Turin.

The Programme will start on Friday 29th June and will last 3 weeks. All sessions are delivered in English. The first part will cover the roles of the major institutional players of the sport system, and will elaborate on its reach and global growth. Then it will address the seven pillars of the sports industry: marketing, logistics of Grand Tours, sports as a tourism driver, communication from the athlete’s point of view, the revenue model of football teams, events from the media and broadcasting perspective and the venue system of multidisciplinary events.

Each topic will be combined with the study of a great sporting event: from the Super Bowl to the Giro d’Italia, from Wimbledon to the World Championship, up to the World Cup and the Olympic Games. The course will close with a look towards the future: how the sector is evolving; how and how much new technologies, from augmented reality to big data, impact the sport world; what role e-sports will play in the sports industry and in international federations.

How many professions gravitate around the world of sport? How much potential can the industry offer in terms of real jobs? The aim of the course is, first of all, to raise awareness of the existence and the breadth of this market, by illustrating the various aspects, the changes that are taking place and future trends. The purpose is to develop an interest and create the basis for skills that are required in the European market.

The course will provide cognitive tools for sport management from different points of view: the fan, the broadcaster, the right holders and the sponsors. It offers the opportunity to be introduced into an international quality network where companies and industry right holders express a growing demand for professionals.

 “We have created this new training programme because the sports industry needs more and more specialised professionals. The role of our business school is to pay attention to market needs and to respond as leaders on the academic scene” said Professor Francesco Rattalino, Dean of ESCP Europe Turin Campus. “We believe that in Italy the demand for training in this sector is not effectively met yet. Our recent experience with the Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management followed the same dynamics and the success of the last edition confirmed our strategy”. 

The world sports market keeps growing, despite the continued international economic crisis: media rights and sponsorship’s have increased by 60% and 80%, respectively from 2010 to 2017, reaching a total of 108.9 billion dollars globally.

 “Sport is an anti-cyclical industry, because sports entertainment is experienced by users as a primary need that cannot be given up” says Beniamino Savio, CEO and Co-founder of AWE Sport. “A growing market means job creation and investments, when young people are appropriately trained distinctive hubs are created. Working in sports is unique. On one hand it can be defined as a technical field, with strict rules and relevant complexities, from legal to engineering, from information technology to marketing; on the other hand, it has the fan as its first and most important customer, who approaches the “product” with passion and emotion and who lays bare his or her most intimate and sentimental sphere in the moment of the fruition of the “purchase”. AWE Sport is focused on the right way to convert the passion for the sport into the correct determination to produce revenue and achieve economic results. In this context, learning and sport value sharing ​​are as important as technical knowledge and the knowledge of the market”.

Admissions are open until the 25th of June 2018.

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