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Everything you need to know about summer schools

To support pupils prepare for the next academic year and help them make up for learning lost during the pandemic, @EducationGovUK have launched a free summer schools programme to run during the holidays, which will include a mix of fun activities and academic support.

Schools can bid for a share of £200million to design summer schools for students who have experienced the most disruption.

Here is what you need to know about summer schools and how they can help your child.

What will summer schools do?

Summer schools will last for a week or two and will include a variety of activities like outdoor sports and academic catch-up in subjects such as maths and English.

The wellbeing of students is an important part of what’s on offer and team games, music, drama and other arts activities will also be part of the summer school curriculum.

Who will be able to attend summer schools?

Schools will let parents know if they are planning to run a summer school and, if so, which children are eligible to take part.

Pupils who will benefit from this extra time will be identified by schools, especially those who have had a lot of disruption in the last year.

Secondary schools are being encouraged to think about including incoming year 7s in the programme because we know these students have missed time with their friends as well as the valuable preparation time needed to fully equip them with the jump from primary school.

Who’s paying for this?

Summer schools are being funded by a landmark £200 million investment from the government.

Secondary schools will be able sign up for their share of the funding, enabling them to put on extra lessons and activities for pupils who need it most.

This is part of £1.7 billion already invested by the government in catch-up activity over the next year.

My child has missed out on a lot of school, but I don’t want them to miss out on holiday time, do they have to go?

We understand how important it is for children to use the school holidays to rest, recharge and play -but summer schools can be a part of that. Attendance at summer schools will be optional but we strongly encourage pupils who are offered places at a summer school to take them up as it will help give them a flying start to the new school year.

As well as some teaching, schools will provide a lot of fun activities, like team games, sports, arts and drama, or even visits out if Covid rules allow.

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