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Experts predict a surge in sustainable apprenticeships following Royal seal of approval

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In honour of the Coronation of King Charles III, six sustainability focused apprenticeships have been marked with the Coronation emblem to celebrate their contribution to creating a low-carbon economy. 

In the past year, Google searches for ‘sustainability apprenticeship’ in the UK have increased by almost 20%  as more candidates look for ways to contribute to an environmentally friendly future. 

His Majesty is known for his longstanding commitment to protecting the environment, integrating renewable energy sources and enhancing the UK economy to be more sustainable. To commemorate his Coronation, experts have hand-picked six apprenticeships to be marked as the gold standard for the work they are doing to establish a more sustainable future for the UK:

  • Countryside Worker (level 2)
  • Forest Craftsperson (level 3)
  • Low Carbon Heating Technician (level 3)
  • Installation Electrician and Maintenance Electrician (level 3)
  • Sustainability Business Specialist (level 7)
  • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioner (level 4)

Co-Founder of RateMyApprenticeship, Oliver Sidwell, comments,

“As the data shows, the interest and the need for sustainable apprenticeships has grown immensely, and we predict it will continue to do so. With these apprenticeships getting a high level of recognition such as the Coronation emblem, this will only bolster companies to reflect on what they contribute to a sustainable economy and we predict a domino effect where they will begin to open up their doors for some of the fresh, young minds to bring their low-carbon, environmentally-friendly ideas into the workplace.

“If you’re interested in getting a job in the renewable energy or sustainability sector, a passion for Geography or Science is probably a great starting point. If you enjoyed those subjects at school, if you like to think of new, exciting ways to look after your environment and if you can even understand the business side of it, then you’ll already have some great foundational knowledge to apply for a sustainable apprenticeship.” 

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