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Firefly Learning takes learning and classroom management tools to the next level with seamless integration in Microsoft Teams

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Firefly Learning (@fireflyteam), one of the leading providers of education technology for learning management and parental engagement, has launched a new innovation that makes it possible for teachers to easily create and deliver curriculum resources and access classroom management tools seamlessly within Microsoft Teams. 

Firefly on Teams gives users a new option to make classroom management tasks, including seating plans and the creation and delivery of curriculum resources, within Teams possible by removing the need for users to access multiple, different platforms.

Simon Hay, CEO and co-founder of Firefly, said:

“Teachers have for too long struggled with different systems involving multiple platforms and logins. They are looking for a solution that brings everything seamlessly together within the Microsoft Teams environment with which they are now so familiar. Firefly on Teams meets that need. 

Simon added: “Sharing high quality resources has until now added to teacher workload, involving multiple platforms and logins. Classroom management activities such as seating plans can also add to the burden, meaning teachers are spending too much time managing their classes when they would rather be supporting their students.

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“As well as giving teachers easy access to classroom management tools within Teams, this latest innovation from Firefly will help teachers create, structure and share learning resources using Firefly’s best-in-class content creator tool and then easily make them available to their learners, right at their fingertips, in Microsoft Teams.”

Tamer Erzurumlu, Director of Partner Strategy, Education at Microsoft, said:

“Firefly on Microsoft Teams helps teachers and learners get their work done more effectively and efficiently. With it, schools can now augment their teaching and learning experiences directly in Teams, giving them increased visibility and simple access to resources, curriculum content, and classroom management tools.”

Partnering with over 850 schools, Firefly is used by more than 1.5 million students, teachers and parents in 40 countries. In the UK, Firefly is used by 70 of the top 100 independent schools.

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