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First wave of EQA transitions announced

@IFAteched, @Ofqual and @officestudents work closely together to manage transition of apprenticeships

The first wave of apprenticeship end-point-assessments to change over to Ofqual as their new external quality assurance (EQA) provider will do so from Thursday 12 November.

The Institute announced its plans to move to a simplified EQA system back in August.

It means that EQA will be delivered by Ofqual or, for integrated degree apprenticeships, the Office for Students (OfS).

We can now confirm that the first group of around 70 apprenticeships will move from the Institute to Ofqual on 12 November.

Nikki Christie, deputy director for apprenticeship quality and assessment, said:

“This is the first key stage in transitioning to what will be a stronger and simpler system for EQA.

“I would like to say huge thanks to all of the end point assessment organisations (EPAOs) and EQA providers who have helped to establish EQA as a widely respected process and look forward to working closely with Ofqual on ensuring a smooth transition for all the apprenticeships involved in this important step from 12 November.”

EQA is the system by which the Institute protects the quality of the end point assessment of all apprenticeships.

There are currently 20 organisations approved to deliver EQA.

The Institute will retain oversight of the simplified EQA system to evaluate the quality of end-point assessments – so EQA will continue to be delivered by Ofqual and OfS within the Institute’s framework.

The Institute, Ofqual and OfS are working closely together to manage the transition of all apprenticeships over a two-year period.

The Institute will also set up a new directory of professional and employer-led organisations for Ofqual and OfS to draw on industry expertise. This will keep employers at the heart of protecting quality in apprenticeships.

Employers with a deep knowledge of their occupation will work together with Ofqual and OfS to share intelligence and quality assure apprenticeships. This will give every employer confidence that their apprentice finishes with the right skills for that occupation.


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