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Meet the #GatsbyBenchmarks & #TeachingExcellenceFrameworks

Do you work within a careers department at a school, college or university? If so, you will know the importance of meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks and Teaching Excellence Frameworks. Providing pupils with labour market information can be challenging as career and qualification routes are constantly changing and expanding. There are plenty of free high quality resources for you to use to help guide your students. 

What resources can I use and where can I find them?

Careermag: The Careermap team publishes Careermag for School Leavers, Careermag for Parents and Careermag for Graduates. These magazines are highly respected by educationalists, career experts and advisers. We aim to inform pupils of all the career and qualification routes available while helping them to get in the know of the current labour market and predictions for the future. Careermag also recognises that when it comes to pupils deciding their next steps after education, parents are often their biggest influencers which is why we created Careermag for Parents. 

Careermag for Graduates delves deep into how the labour market operates and is packed full of independent career information. This magazine is particularly useful for university students, lecturers, career departments and alumni. All Careermag editions aim to meet the key principles of the Gatsby Benchmarks and Teaching Excellence Framework. 

Join our free subscription to Careermag, click here. 

CPD webinars: The Careermap team also produces CPD webinars for teachers, career leaders and career advisers. These webinars aim to connect schools and colleges with employers, national awarding organisations, educationalists and career experts. We explore ways in which the Gatsby Benchmarks can be used to improve careers provision, how your students can engage with employers and further education opportunities. To join our CPD webinars, you can register for free, click here.

Careermap are an online resource for pupils, graduates, parents, schools, colleges and universities. We pride ourselves on helping to create a thriving careers system, which can be accessed by each and every pupil. 

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