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FREE coaching opportunity available to students’ courtesy of The Harlow, empowering success beyond exam results

FREE coaching opportunity available to students’ courtesy of The Harlow, empowering success beyond exam results

The Harlow, a renowned therapy and coaching centre based in Harrogate, is proud to introduce a ground-breaking initiative aimed at supporting local students during a significant phase of their lives. As students across the country eagerly await their exam results, The Harlow’s therapeutic coach, Heather Lindley, is offering a unique opportunity for a free coaching session, face-to-face or online to help them navigate the path ahead.

Heather, a dedicated and experienced coach specialising in children and young people at The Harlow, recognises the challenges that students face during this pivotal time. She emphasises the distinction between coaching and therapy, underlining that coaching is a forward-focused partnership that empowers young people to use goal setting techniques whilst identifying their strengths, increasing self-awareness, enhancing motivation, and building self-confidence to help them acquire new skills. Therapy often addresses past issues and emotional and psychological healing.

“In times of uncertainty and transition, coaching for young people can be a valuable tool for personal growth and development. It can provide a supportive and non-judgmental place, to explore the challenges of adolescence and early adulthood, and provide students with invaluable tools and strategies to shape their future,” says Heather. “While exam results can be a source of stress, coaching offers a positive and proactive approach, harnessing potential and clarifying goals. It’s about working collaboratively to understand the student’s current position and steps to get to where they want to be. Young people face a variety of challenges including academic pressures, social issues and career decisions, and coaching can help them navigate these challenges and develop the skills they need to succeed.”

The Harlow’s coaching approach is tailor-made to cater to the unique needs of each individual student, whether they’re receiving GCSE, A-level, or further education results. With Heather’s expertise, students can gain clarity about their aspirations, develop confidence in their abilities, and create actionable plans for the next steps in their educational journey.

Andrea Bethell, the visionary Founding Partner of The Harlow, expressed her excitement about this initiative, stating,

“We believe that coaching can be a game-changer for students, and Heather’s expertise and dedication align perfectly with our commitment to holistic growth and well-being.”

In addition to the personalised coaching sessions, The Harlow continues to offer a comprehensive range of therapy and coaching services led by a team of qualified professionals. Their diverse offerings include Nutritional Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Meditation, and much more, all designed to contribute to improving overall well-being.

The Harlow’s coaching initiative echoes their core mission of empowering individuals to thrive despite challenges, by providing students with the tools to navigate their academic journey confidently, The Harlow reinforces its position as a hub of excellence in therapy and coaching.

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