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Free science lessons from MEL Science

@MEL_Science, a leading science education company, has launched free online science lessons with practical experiments that students can carry out at home. 

School closures mean that many science teachers and parents are wondering how to handle practical hands-on experiments for students at home. Against a backdrop of a $1bn market increase in STEM toys from 2019-2023, MEL Science has seen a tenfold increase in demand for its home science kits in the past two weeks alone.  

MEL Science, an established expert in the development of hands-on science kits for home use, has launched MEL Academy, a series of webinars delivered by science teachers giving online science lessons and hands-on demonstrations for students aged 5-16 years.   

With students now learning from home, potentially for several months, this is ideal for science teachers and parents, keen to provide remote learning resources aligned to curriculum standards.  

For the next three months, the compelling webinars will cover the core curriculum science learning objectives, through hands-on practicals, theory, and digital resources.  MEL Science’s virtual reality app with award winning science simulations will also be free, enabling students to build and play with science at a micro level.  

“Doing hands-on science is magical for kids; it sparks their curiosity, their eyes light up and their confidence builds.  It’s hard to set up practical experiments at home, which is why MEL Academy has been designed to bring scientists into your kitchen to do these experiments with you, and answer questions in real time,” said, Vassili Philippov, CEO of MEL Science. 

The experiments can easily be carried out in a kitchen with basic ingredients. For those wanting a higher level of learning, the MEL Science subscription kit offers additional experiments that can be carried out during the webinar. Please visit free home science experiments here to preview more than 200 experiments. To register for MEL Academy please see the online schedule

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