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Further Education Flocking to the Comments Camper

Some of the UKs largest Educational institutions and charities and are seeking out the services of a Halifax company for customer engagement through their ‘Comments Campervan’.

The Diary Rooms, situated in Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, promise ‘totally different engagement’ with their video production and engagement service, some of which is delivered via a modified Volkswagen Campervan. Retrofitted to form a mobile video diary room, the camper has travelled across the country working for some of the country’s largest institutions, charities and educational bodies.

The concept of an engagement company is relatively new and focused on attracting feedback from target audiences to help improve the services or products offered by businesses and organisations. A far cry from people conducting surveys on the streets, engagement companies are built around the concept of attracting attention and information from respondents.

“It’s a unique way of tackling a problem that’s been around for some time” commented Diary Rooms Director, Nick Smith. “For a company, charity or organisation to get feedback or know what steps they should take next, they need to listen to their audience.”

“The problem is getting their audience to talk to them and making sure that information is actually useful. It’s incredibly easy to misinterpret the response on an online survey, and that’s where we come in. The Comments Camper in particular is very popular, it’s eye catching, and people want to come find out what it is. Once they know what we’re doing they’re always very responsive and we get some brilliant feedback.”

The novel approach to talking to customers is already garnering national attention. Diary Rooms have worked across the UK and Ireland, with several notable customers to their name including universities, Barnardo’s Children’s Charity, the NHS and numerous universities.

“The response has been fantastic from the companies we’ve worked with” added Nick. “With a product like this, that’s so new and unique, it can be difficult getting the word out there, but once people get what we do they start thinking of all the diverse ways it can be used. It’s an incredibly creative and eye-catching way of speaking to your audience.”

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