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HubHub hosts #Hackathon to crack the future of co-working during #LondonTechWeek

Unique co-working collaboration for London Tech Week with HubHub.

Be a part of co-working’s future with support from today’s world leaders. Join Hack Coworking, a collaboration between HubHub and Coworkies for London Tech Week 2019.

  • HubHub and Coworkies collaborate on hackathon for London Tech Week
  • Hack Coworking to take place from June 14-16 at HubHub 20 Farringdon Street, London
  • HubHub offering free access to its co-working space for London Tech Week
  • Prizes from prop-tech sponsors including HB Reavis, SALTO Systems & Cobot

Berlin-based Coworkies are pioneering global leaders for opportunities in co-working spaces. After 3 years of research in more than 380 co-working spaces across 43 cities, Coworkies is partnering with HubHub to launch an event in London, the largest and most challenging co-working market in Europe. Hack Coworking will bring London’s tech community together to explore challenges around connectivity, experience and workplace wellbeing.

HubHub is an international co-working brand with a strong local focus for each of its spaces. The London space in 20 Farringdon Street is home to London’s growing start-up and innovation talent across data science, UX/UI, digital marketing, dev teams and architecture. HubHub’s major brand recognition and collaboration with Coworkies has attracted involvement from established prop-tech firms including international workspace provider HB Reavis, global leaders in electronic access SALTO Systems, and Cobot, the leading management software for co-working and flexible workspaces. Each brand will set Hack Coworking participants a challenge to solve and will provide prizes to top performers, including a £3,500 cash rewards pot, and a number of other benefits:

  • Three months of free co-working at HubHub
  • Tickets to the London Coworking Conference (£150 per piece)
  • The ability to present your project as a challenger at the London Coworking Conference in front of 100+ industry professionals and potential investors.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits

As well as solving real-life business skills, access to unique talks from co-working experts and breakout learning sessions, Hack Coworking participants will get fantastic networking opportunities, exclusive access to breakout learning sessions and dedicated time for mindfulness.

HubHub is the only London workspace offering free access to its facilities throughout London Tech Week. With 55,000 attendees scheduled to come to London for Tech Week and a range of events happening near the Farringdon Street workspace, it’s a prime opportunity to check out HubHub’s pioneering offering in the capital.

About Coworkies: The first global job sharing network of 620+ co-working spaces & their members. Promoting full-time and remote work opportunities happening in co-working spaces in cities like London, Berlin, Paris, New York and many more. Our mission? Support co-working spaces by making sure their members can pay their rent! Are you part of the co-working community and currently hiring? Let’s connect and support you in spreading the word.

About HubHub: Founded by the international workspace provider HB Reavis in 2016, HubHub operates co-working spaces in Bratislava, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague and opening in London. HubHub isn’t a space or place, as much as a state of mind. At HubHub, like-minded talent and culture of opportunity collide, creating the perfect environment for extraordinary things to happen. It’s a meeting of minds, a vibrant collective of energetic and dynamic people, each dedicated to the shared success of our thriving network and driving towards the one same goal – to keep on growing. HubHub infuses its environments with a certain alchemy for success.  Everything we do is specifically designed to create and maximise opportunities between our people and the wider ecosystem, and for our educational programmes to develop and grow talent. Our networking events foster chemistry between the very best potential partners, collaborators, VCs and investors, and we offer access to the support, talent and skill-sets that take businesses and people to the next level.

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