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IMI welcomes Labour plans for car the industry

Electric car

On Monday 9th October at the 2023 Labour Party conference, shadow business secretary Jonathan Reynolds announced the details of Labour’s strategy for the automotive sector. The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) applauds the plans which recognise the need for electric vehicle (EV) skills, with Labour predicting the strategy would see two million electric cars and 80,000 skilled jobs. The Labour party has also pledged to reinstate the 2030 deadline on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles, after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently pushed it back to 2035.

Jonathan Reynolds’ strategy includes fast-tracking new vehicle battery factories, additional support for colleges to specialise in technical skills needed to build electric vehicles, funding for automotive research and development and tackling high energy prices which can put off drivers from switching to EVs.

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI commented:

“At a time when the automotive sector is struggling to fill skills gaps and manage and challenging supply chain, these plans from the shadow business secretary are extremely welcome. Not only could the strategy lead to more EVs and the skilled workforce we need to maintain them, but it would also provide a vast array of career opportunities for school leavers, graduates and those switching careers and utilising transferable skills. Of course, reinstating the tighter deadline on the sale of ICE vehicles and providing the government support the industry needs will also reduce carbon emissions and create cleaner air more quickly than the current strategy.”

Jonathan Reynolds MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, said at the conference:

“Every family deserves the chance to have an affordable, reliable car in their driveway. Labour knows the value of vehicles to our economy and society – that’s why we have a plan to drive the British automotive industry confidently into the future. Battery factories on our shores, reliable charging networks in every part of the country, secure supply chains, increased consumer demand and 80,000 more high skilled jobs. Labour has a plan to give British industry it’s future back.”

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