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International Day of Education: Investing in People and Prioritising Education

International day of education

International Day of Education takes place on January 24th this year, with the theme: “to invest in people, prioritise education.”

The global pandemic opened the door to a new era in education as remote learning made it more open and accessible for students of all abilities, all around the world. Now, it’s time to level up the educational landscape further and technology is the key. Modern technologies can enable institutions to make education more open, accessible, inclusive and efficient.

Also, to celebrate this day, Dr. Anantha Duraiappah, Director at UNESCO MGIEP, discusses Mind over matter- Will more Maths improve society?

Sector Response

Sam Liang, CEO and co-founder of

“This International Day of Education, it’s time for the sector to reevaluate the learning process and prioritise creating a more inclusive, accessible and efficient environment for learning. Technology has a critical role to play in this, enabling education to be more open for all students, as well as driving engagement and collaboration between teachers and pupils. For example, live transcription enables hard-of-hearing students to follow and participate in lectures as they happen. In addition, it takes the pressure off writing lecture notes for those with attention deficit disorders, providing the ability to catch-up on content at a later stage. Ultimately, technology is the key to improving students’ abilities to learn.”

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