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IT duo in computer upcycling drive to equip pupils for home learning in lockdown


A growing number of school pupils in Dorset who lacked the IT equipment for home learning during lockdown can now participate in lessons online thanks in part to two Brockenhurst College (@brockcollege) students.

Vocational IT students Annalize Payne and James Bishop have joined a computer upcycling drive led by WiseGuys computer repair service in Bournemouth.

Since early January, the group has upcycled dozens of laptops and desktops donated by the public.

They have then distributed the reconditioned devices to families in need through schools in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council area.

Even devices that are deemed to be beyond economic repair are kept for parts to enable other machines to function again.

Annalize said: “We make sure that there’s no personal data left on the machines from the previous owner. We then install some tools to make sure the new owner isn’t at risk of malware, viruses or adware. Then we install the applications they need to complete their work.”

One grateful parent told WiseGuys:

“I couldn’t even possibly start saying how grateful we are, this is going to help in such a massive way…”

Kevin Marshall, Head of Curriculum for Computer Science, IT & Vocational Business, said:

“We are really proud of Annalize and James for applying much of what they have learned on their course to repurpose laptops and PCs for the disadvantaged in the wider community while still studying full-time in lockdown.”

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