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Live Debate: Is Britain’s education system failing the nation’s teenagers?

Join our live streamed debate at 1pm Tuesday 26th February where we’ll be tackling the urgent topic of:

What can be done to help students make the most of their learning opportunities, and to ensure that the workforce of the future are driven to pursue careers in industries where opportunities exist and they feel most fulfilled?

The panel will also be discussing some new research commissioned by the Career Colleges Trust that points to concerns amongst young people that their subject areas were irrelevant as the school curriculum is too outdated. 

It also casts doubt on whether enough emphasis is being paid to gaining work experience, as school league tables and academic grades remain the biggest focus for the current education system.

With such a focus  on academic achievement are young people’s futures at risk- the research does suggest so with a significant proportion of respondents having no idea about what career path to take, and also being unclear about any options outside of traditional academic routes, such as A-Levels.

Roman Kemp will chair the lively panel discussion with:

  • Ruth Gilbert, CEO Career Colleges Trust, 
  • Andrew Stevens, CEO CNet, 
  • Grant Findlay, Director of Business Development and Work Winning, Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd,
  • Bhushita Jolly former Career College student (Barking & Dagenham College), now working at Accenture and Femi Davis – former Career College student (BMet), recently undertook an internship at a digital company in Berlin.

Send your questions or comments in now- come back and watch it live from 1pm on Tuesday 26th February. 

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