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Logistics Apprentices Pandemic Response Recognised During National Apprenticeship Week

Keep the country moving
@SeetecSkills – Apprentices in the freight and logistics industry have risen to the challenges of working and learning through the Covid-19 pandemic, helping to keep Britain moving.

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, with the national campaign theme ‘build the future’, skills specialist Seetec Outsource has launched a new video. The video features freight forwarding apprentices at DHL Global Forwarding UK and Ligentia UK, highlighting their resilience and contribution to their employers.

Seetec Employee Trustee Director Karen Palfreyman explained: “The freight and logistics industry has been at the forefront of the pandemic response. Our learners have risen to that challenge – this highlights the depth of talented apprentices that can be found in all parts of the country.

“They’ve continued their learning despite the lockdowns, adapted to online learning, followed social distancing restrictions and showed incredible resilience and unbeatable determination to succeed. In doing that they have helped their businesses to thrive. They are unsung heroes – it’s great to see their hard work being recognised.”

Stuart Lupton, 20, from Hayes, West London, completed his apprenticeship in October 2019 and secured a permanent position with DHL Global Forwarding (UK) Ltd.

Stuart said: “DespiteCOVID-19, it’s very much been business as usual. The main problem was getting flights as not every airline was sticking to their normal scheduling plans, and prices were going up. We had to speak to customers regularly and update quotes.

“I love the sense of accomplishment when I get a job done. It’s interesting to know what you’re moving and that you’re helping somebody to get their medication or transporting radioactive materials to help someone to get their cancer treatment.”

Virginia Horsnell, Head of HR Projects, Engagement and Talent at DHL Global Forwarding (UK) Ltd, said: “Our Apprenticeship Scheme has been hugely successful. Working with Seetec Outsource we are providing a continuous stream of exceptional young talent into the business.”

Harry Wilson, 21, from Grays, Essex, started his International Freight Forwarding Apprenticeship with Ligentia UK in September 2019.

Harry said: “I’ve worked more months in lockdown within my apprenticeship than in the office, which has proven difficult at times. However, I have been in constant contact with my line manager and the rest of my team and I do feel I’ve learned a lot and developed a lot.

“It’s an industry where there’s so much to learn with different rules for different countries. It’s very challenging and you don’t know what to expect, anything could happen.”

Richard Gilberthorpe, Director of Group HR Ligentia, explains: “All our apprentices in the last 12 months have demonstrated great resilience and determination to continue to learn and develop their skillset in international logistics.

“Harry has been incredibly hard working and pro-active in his learning and we look forward to watching him continue to build a successful career in logistics.”

Neil Bates, Managing Director of Seetec Outsource, said: “This year’s National Apprenticeship Week is an opportunity to focus on how a stronger commitment to the skills agenda can help boost the economic and social recovery from COVID-19. Seetec is committed to working with employers to establish new apprenticeship programmes that not only service their business needs for a more skilled workforce, but also empower people from all backgrounds to achieve their career and learning ambitions.”

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