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New research is looking to hear from ‘pandemic academics’ and students

How academics and university students have been coping during lockdown forms new research from the University of Northampton (@UniNorthants).

Led by Karishma Jivraj, Lecturer in Mental Health and Health Psychology, the research is asking what the key stressors for academics and students across the UK have been and the coping mechanisms they have employed.

The aim is to use the findings to help better understand and support their mental health and wellbeing to prepare them for the next challenges the pandemic could set.

The research kicks off with an anonymous questionnaire – now open here – with questions exploring their sleeping patterns, how much and what type of physical activity they have engaged in and what they feel about their work/family balance now they are at home more than usual.

Volunteers can also share their experiences in more detail by having an interview with one of the research team.

Karishma said: “Personally, I have noticed some changes to the way I am coping during this time. Although I’ve always been a fan of yoga and mindfulness, I feel being indoors more often has helped me engage with this side of myself more as well as doing some basic DIY and cooking exotic meals – these are my therapy.

“But on the flip side, I have noticed changes to my mood and satisfaction when I am out of my routine or see that others seem to be doing a lot more with their time.

“Every academic and student will have different and unique stories to tell, so to help get the fullest account possible of how we are coping and why, I hope colleagues across the academic spectrum will take part in this research.”

The research survey can be completed online:

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