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New Turing scheme picks up at School of Coding, further elevated by the expertise of SOC Blended Learning

School of Coding’s Turing Scheme set out to empower women by providing them with essential Coding skills and real-life application in conjunction with the C4MW Erasmus project.

SOC Blended Learning delivery team helped introduce women to the world of Coding and how this can be used in the working world.Over the course of eight days, the migrant women embarked on a journey of discovery, blending cultural exploration with hands-on Coding experiences that aligned with real-world applications. 

The program began with a cultural trip through the charming old town of Santiago, accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide who delved into the historical significance of the St. James Cathedral.

The women experienced one of their first Coding sessions, using Block Coding to simulate real-world applications in hospital systems that are used today. By signing up and deleting patients using Coding, they gained valuable insights into the back-end structure of Code. Further on in their trip, the women also explored farming and agriculture applications. They developed a system that provided real-time data on field occupation, crop life cycle, profits, and more. Case studies further demonstrated how coding positively impacts their work fields, providing a glimpse of the technology’s potential and benefits.

Suki Gill, a School of Coding expert, took the participants on a journey from Block Coding to text-based programming, specifically focusing on Python Coding language. These newfound skills formed the basis for their own Coding projects, empowering them to express their creativity through code using more complex applications.

“ I had the wonderful opportunity to embark on the Turing trip to Santiago, Spain. It was an invigorating experience, especially since I had never taught in another country before. The chance to deliver Coding lessons in a different cultural setting and provide myself and the learners with a fresh and unique learning environment was one of a kind.” – Cameron Athwal, SOC Delivery and Coordinator.

Taking a break from Coding, the women embarked on a tour inside the St. James Cathedral, an iconic landmark. The historic significance of the journey instilled a sense of perseverance and determination. As well as the intensive learning, the participants enjoyed well-deserved beach days and explored the vibrant city of Santiago each night. These moments allowed the women to immerse themselves in the local culture.

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