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New £6 million funding for UK organisations to innovate with global partners

£6 million investment across 3 competitions will create highly-competitive, ground-breaking technologies, with the first now inviting ideas for projects.

Up to £6 million will be made available to UK organisations through 3 EUREKA Cluster competitions.

UK organisations will be able to get funding to participate in a collaborative international programme that aims to speed up the time it takes to get highly-commercial innovations to market.

Innovate UK has up to £6 million to support organisations to work with partners in Europe and beyond to advance disruptive technologies – from tiny, micro and nano electronic devices to the next-generation 5G network.

It is part of the EUREKA Cluster programme, which brings together ‘cluster’ countries to collaborate on projects in strategically-important areas of industry and become globally competitive.

Previously, if UK organisations wanted to participate they could only do so as a non-grant claiming partner.

The funding competitions are in 3 cluster areas and will be run across 2019.

Innovate UK offers a range of funding and support for global innovation. Find out more about global opportunities.

Micro and nano electronics

The PENTA cluster supports research, development and innovation in micro and nano electronic-enabled systems and applications.

The aim is to grow the electronics, sensors and photonics community, build knowledge and expertise, and quickly exploit ideas that will give a competitive advantage.

There is up to £2 million for UK organisations for projects in:

  • electronic components and systems, particularly focusing on the value chain
  • power electronics
  • large area electronics
  • sensors and sensor systems
  • photonics

To be eligible to lead a project and make a full funding application, organisations first need to submit a project outline.

The deadline for project outlines is 1 March 2019. Access a project outline template and submit your ideas.

Watch a recording on an online webinar to get more information about PENTA, the funding available and application process.

Supporting the development of 5G

Part of the programme cluster for next-generation telecommunications, CELTIC-NEXT is specifically interested in 5G technologies.

5G – the latest iteration of the mobile network communications system – will be much faster and open up new uses for mobile data, helping to transform the digital economy.

UK innovation projects could share up to £2 million to look at applications and services that leverage 5G networks, such as:

  • the Internet of Things
  • infotainment mobile services, such as websites and social media apps
  • immersive content production and distribution, such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality

They could also incorporate artificial intelligence or satellite communications.

Applicants to CELTIC-NEXT do not need to submit a project outline. Instead, they need to apply for funding with a project proposal.

The deadline for project proposals is 8 April 2019. Find out more and apply.

UK organisations can go to an event in London on 5 February 2019 to get more information about the competition and find project partners. Sign up to attend.

Smarter manufacturing

The third and final funding competition will be in advanced manufacturing, known as the SMART Cluster.

There will be up to £2 million for UK organisations to collaborate with international advanced manufacturing businesses and researchers on projects that are close-to-market.

Focus areas for projects include:

  • advanced manufacturing processes
  • intelligent and adaptive manufacturing systems
  • digital, virtual and efficient companies
  • person-machine collaboration
  • sustainable manufacturing
  • customer-based manufacturing

Projects could consider how their work might impact on core sectors, including aeronautics, automotive, railways and capital and consumer goods.

The competition is due to run in autumn 2019. Details of the opportunity including the scope will be released nearer the time.


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