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NUS Scotland calls for clarity on summer support

@NUSScotland shares the significant concerns of students in higher education in Scotland who have now gone one month since their final SAAS payment of this academic year. 

Students face financial uncertainty this summer due to the absence of part-time work, the limitations of student hardship funding and either ineligibility, or delays, in accessing Universal Credit. 

Recent graduates and education leavers are entering a very limited job market. 

NUS Scotland is calling on the Scottish Government to provide clarity to students and those completing their studies on what support they will be able to access over the summer months, and to commit additional funds where needed as a matter of urgency. 

Commenting, NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe said: 

“Students need confirmation that the summer support they desperately need will be available as soon as possible. With the part-time jobs many students rely on unlikely to reappear soon, and the majority continuing students being ineligible for universal credit, support must extend into the summer  

Failure to provide this support could drive many students out of education and into poverty, homelessness or other vulnerable circumstances; we need to see action to give students certainty and consistency around their finances, ensuring that no one falls through the cracks.” 

Students receiving SAAS payments received their last payment on 7th June. Students attending Abertay University and the University of the West of Scotland received their last SAAS payment on the 7th of May due to differing term dates.  

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