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Parliament launches second annual day to celebrate vocational success

Andy Powell, Chief Executive of Edge

The Houses of Parliament hosted the launch of the second annual day to celebrate vocational achievement today, led by independent educational foundation Edge.

VQ Day 2009 will be held on June 24 to recognise the success of millions of vocational learners across the UK in the past year.

Further Education Minister Siôn Simon, who addressed a parliamentary reception for the cause, said: “VQ Day gives the whole country a chance to celebrate the success of the millions of people who gain vocational qualifications every year. Their achievements help to ensure our workforce remains one of the most skilled in the world. More importantly, vocational qualifications help people get jobs and can put them on the path to a rewarding career.”

Andy Powell, chief executive of Edge, added: “Millions of people will gain a vocational qualification this year that will be the stepping stone to a brighter future, be that further vocational study or university, a better job or enhanced skills. VQ Day celebrates this achievement and the many paths to success taken by learners of all ages.

“I hope the whole country, and all political parties, will once again get behind VQ Day and join the celebrations.”

The day will be marked by events held at colleges and learning providers around the nation, but many more are being urged to get involved. For an action pack visit:

Pictured: Andy Powell, chief executive Edge



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