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Remote working set to become a trillion-dollar industry in the next decade

Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder, Globalization Partners

Today (2 Nov) at Web Summit, Globalization Partners, the global employment platform that makes it easier for companies to bypass the traditional barriers to global expansion and employ anyone, anywhere, has announced its new partnership with Paychex. 

The partnership with Paychex means that it can onboard employees quickly and legally in foreign jurisdictions without having to manage a host of payroll and employment complexities. 

Globalization Partners is disruptive in the global expansion industry because of its AI-driven technology that enables customers to easily build global remote teams wherever they want, compliantly. With remote working set to become a trillion-dollar industry in the next decade, demand for its solution will only continue to grow.

Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder is recognised by many as the founder of the industry. When she established Globalization Partners in 2012, she created a new category and this company has been driving innovation and growth in the sector ever since. She’s a force to be reckoned with, having built a global company that is set to worth US$1 billion ARR by the end of 2021. 

Announced at Web Summit today, Paychex®, a leading provider of integrated human capital management (HCM) software solutions for human resources, payroll, benefits, and insurance services, has chosen to align with Globalization Partners, which makes it fast and easy for companies to hire outside the United States within minutes, via its global employment platform, and to make it possible for businesses of all sizes to expand beyond their borders by enabling them to hire globally. The Globalization Partners platform is also accessible to customers of Oasis, by Paychex HR.   

With remote work more popular than ever before, this relationship makes it easy for businesses to recruit from the non-U.S. talent ecosystem. Now Paychex clients can onboard employees quickly and legally in foreign jurisdictions without having to manage a host of payroll and employment complexities. 

“Today’s competitive employment market makes it essential for employers to expand their talent search globally,” said Diane Albano, chief revenue officer, Globalization Partners.

“With Paychex, we help build and support an international hiring strategy that allows customers to achieve growth goals quickly.” 

“The workplace as we know it is changing and HR is changing along with it,” said Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product management.

“Businesses are no longer limited to hiring from the talent pool in their region.  The shift to remote work has opened up recruiting – including the opportunity that the international job market presents – particularly as many face challenges with the current job market.”   

Globalization Partners’ platform makes it easy for Paychex customers to: 

  • Automate onboarding of employees with locally compliant employment contracts
  • Have up-to-date local HR, data compliance, and tax intelligence with real-time access to employees’ status, contact details, payroll schedule, benefits details, employment contracts, and invoices
  • Whenever needed, get personalized service from a Globalization Partners in-country expert that is always just a click away

Whether it is testing new markets, responding to growing business demands or accessing hard to find talent, Paychex and Globalization Partners are committed to addressing the diverse needs of today’s businesses by enabling them to build outstanding global teams without limitations to borders or time zones. 

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