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Royal Marines storm Middlesbrough College

Royal Marines storm Middlesbrough College

A MISSION to recruit fresh talent saw a detachment of Royal Marines descend on Middlesbrough College by land and sea.

The group of 20 elite fighters from Britain’s south coast visited Middlesbrough College to put young hopefuls through their paces and demonstrate some of their kit – including inflatable boats and sniper rifles.

Students from the college and other surrounding further education colleges were given the opportunity to take part in a Marine-level fitness programme, try a Zodiac Inflatable Raiding Craft at the nearby dock and watch the Royal Marines perform an unarmed combat exercise.

Around 380 students took part in the eye-catching activities over a three day period – with many visiting the Royal Navy’s careers stand in the college, timed to coincide with the visit.

Garry Smith, core coordinator for Public Services at Middlesbrough College, and a veteran himself, said the event had encouraged many to think about careers with the prestigious Royal Marines.

He said: “Having the Royal Marines at the college was a fantastic way for our students to get a better understanding of what the job is about, and some of the skills you could learn through it.

“I served 24 years in the army and that afforded me the opportunity to travel worldwide, picking up new skills and experience all the time.

“All that I learned put me in a strong position to help and educate young adults on the Public Services courses here at the college, before they enter life in a uniformed public service.”

During the three days students were introduced to a range of weaponry commonly used by the Royal Marines, including anti-tank devices and sniper rifles.

A live combat demonstration for students also saw several Royal Marines tackle each other in specially designated space outside of the college.

Attendees were also put through their paces on a specially designed climbing wall – brought in by the Royal Marines.

Warrant Officer Terence Miller said: “The Royal Marines were delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills at the ‘Meet The Royal Marines’ event hosted by Middlesbrough College.

“Around 350 students got an insight into life in the Royal Marines via an interactive hands-on experience.

“The team conduct twelve  ‘Meet The Royal Marines’ events nationally each year where students interact with the Royal Marines, finding out about the role of the Marines Corp, the jobs that members of the team perform as well as career opportunities.”

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