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Safer Internet Day: Supporting the educational sector

Taking place every year on 11th February, Safer Internet Day seeks to encourage a nation-wide conversation about using online technology, both responsibly and safely, with the aim to educate those of all ages, especially children and young adults across the globe. Coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre, the day sees hundreds of businesses getting involved to help promote the positive use of digital technology. 

This year Coconnect with the support of Novatech, has partnered with Smoothwall to supply trusted internet to schools across the country, just in time for this year’s national Safer Internet Day.

“We understand how important it is to be connected to the online world, but with that comes the need to stay protected too. The internet has the power to enhance educators’ teaching and students’ learning alike, but neither would be possible without sufficient security and protection online,” said Shayne Grove, Account Director and Director of Education Services at Coconnect.

Coconnect delivers safe, secure, reliable internet and cloud services to schools and trusts across the UK, and without compromising their quality or dependability. Offering solutions powered by Smoothwall allows Coconnect to keep students and staff safe while using the internet. 

The partnership between the two companies provides unparalleled safeguarding, reporting and security features that allow students to get the most from the internet without hindering their learning. 

Coconnect has worked closely with Lourdes IT since the company started, with Mathew Setchell from Lourdes describing their services as, “Reliable, pro-actively supported connectivity solutions that provide safe havens for our students and staff, allowing them to take advantage of all the opportunities available online.”

Since launching two years ago, Coconnect now supplies Internet to over 150 schools across the Country. In the last two months Coconnect has teamed up with nearly 40 new schools, demonstrating the rapid growth and need for their services amongst the educational sector. 

With over a third of 15-year-olds in Britain being classed as “extreme internet users,” spending at least six hours a day online, now really is the time for schools and parents to step up and keep them safe online. With the services that Cocconect provide, this really has never been easier. Coconnect understands that schools are pressed for time and limited by budget, which often presents a substantial challenge when it comes to internet options. That’s why Coconnect tailor practical packages, designed and configured to meet the needs and benefits of any school’s education. 

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